Hot English Magazine(热血英语杂志)


Hot English Magazine

Hot English is a monthly magazine for teachers and learners of English. The magazine focuses on modern, spoken English in a fun and easy-to-learn format. Each magazine is accompanied by an audio CD so that readers can also listen to the articles, read by English native speakers, in different accents. Each edition of the magazine also comes with a free downloadable Exercise Pack, which allows readers and teachers to practice what they have been learning.
* US and British English, plus lots of other accents from the English-speaking world.
* Lots of slang that no one else will teach you.
* Useful English expressions.
* Phrasal verbs and idioms the fun way.
* Business English.
* About cultural topics from the English-speaking world.
* Real English in genuine contexts.
All the English you’ll ever need:
* Humorous articles.
* The latest music and film.
* Up-to-date news articles and analytical articles.
* Cartoons and games.

2010-2018, PDF+mp3

English Unlocked!
Advanced C1
Hot English Unlocked! Pre-Intermediate_A2

skills booklet pre intermediate 2012_2013
skills booklet intermediate 2012_2013
skills booklet upper intermediate 2012_2013
skills booklet advanced 2012_2013 se
skills booklet advanced 2012_2013 te
skills booklet intermediate 2012_2013 te
skills booklet upper_intermediate 2012-2013 te

skills booklet upper_intermediate 2013-2014
skills booklet advanced 2013-2014

大家都知道学英音比较好的杂志,是The Economist(经济学人杂志主英音)

而且学美音应该是这份杂Hot English了,一般人还不告诉他了! ^_^